Policy for Givingadollar.org Benevolence Fund!

Givingadollar was set up as a ministry of the Oregon Trail Baptist Church to meet the needs of missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and other full-time workers who are part of Independent, Bible-believing, Biblical Baptist churches. We are seeking to free true servants of Christ from the burden of debt as a result of medical expenses, not necessarily limited to medical bills (e. g. transportation, temporary lodging, and other accumulated debt because of the medical expense).

As stated above, needs will be met as funds are available to qualified fulltime workers who submit an application with proof of debt to the givingadollar Fund. The assistance will be in the form of payment by check from the givingadollar Fund payable directly to the provider of services, or to the applicant as determined by the committee.

While givingadollar is a ministry of Oregon Trail Baptist Church there is a need to be above reproach and maintain a good report from without in transparency and accountability in the receiving and dispersing of funds. Therefore a Determination Committee will be formed consisting of the Pastor, a deacon, and treasurer of Oregon Trail Baptist, Pastor of New Hope Baptist, Ontario, OR and a pastor or deacon from a local area Baptist Church.

The Determination Committee will determine which applicants we are able to help on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors to be considered are the qualification of the applicant, income, and other resources available to him, etc. The amount of help will depend on the funds available through members’ responding to the need.

The Committee will meet to consider applicants at least once a month (more often as the need arises). After a unanimous agreement by the committee a request will be sent to all givingadollar members outlining the need and requesting donations to assist in meeting that need.